Introducing Bright Futures School

Bright Futures is an independent school for children with autism.

The school brings a new approach to autism education. Our projects and activities involve academic learning but our first priority is to support the social and emotional development of pupils. We focus on addressing the difficulties that lie at the heart of autism. These include rigid thinking, difficulty managing uncertainty and change, impairments in social understanding and problems with self-regulation - abilities that are so important to the adult world of employment, independence, friendships and relationships.

Our aim is to deliver measurable outcomes that demonstrate, over time:

  • Improved self-regulation (managing own emotions and behaviour)
  • Improvement in coping with uncertainty and change (decreasing anxiety)
  • Increased ability to make and sustain meaningful reciprocal relationships
  • Increased independence>
  • Improved quality of life with reduced stress for pupils and their families

Bright Futures School also brings a different way of working with parents and carers. We see parent and carers as equal partners who will be supported by our trained and appropriately qualified staff so that they understand the approach and methods used in school and are able to complement these with input to their child’s development in the family setting.

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