What Is Egg n Roller?

This Unique egg organiser is a great way of storing your eggs, if you take your eggs from the front the next egg will automatically roll to the front, place your fresh eggs at the rear and they will always be in order of freshness


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You will never see supermarkets / shops storing eggs in the chiller section kept at room temperature - eggs will keep for weeks
Red Wood
Enjoy the natural beauty of wood or you can stain varnish or paint your egg n roller, alternatively you can choose our hand varnished or painted option, we use a good quality clear satin varnish and egg shell white paint.
8 Holder
16 Holder
24 Holder
32 Holder

  French Oak  
  a beautiful oak that has been ages under cover for a minimum of 10 years  
16 Holder
24 Holder
    height width length
  8 holder 2" 5" 14"
  16 holder 2" 7" 14"
  24 holder 2" 11" 14"
  32 holder 2" 13" 14"