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-About (Service and Team)

PO BOX 519
OL16 9BW

Phone: 0844 8849629


-What is is an organisation truly for people wanting to advertise on the World Wide Web without the hassle and without the high cost. Even if you don't know anything about computers or technology you too can have a slice of the action by simply completing the on-line form.

Web page advertisement 99p per week example information advertise now
Web site advertisement £5 per week example information advertise now is the unique way to advertise keeping you ahead of your competitors.


-Who Needs

Anybody who runs a business needs, we offer various ways to advertise.

-Our Goal

We have new ideas coming soon to greet the world by surprise, therefore keeping your business at the brink of technology in our ever changing World. We aim to become one of the biggest advertising companies in the UK. We have unique quality's and lots of ideas for the future that will transform the way people advertise.

-Our Team


Our staff are fully trained with the latest qualifications and have been recognised by Microsoft for their expertise. We deal with all types of clients, from advertising small projects to multi million even billion pound industries. With our unique online search facility we give people a chance to find your business within 2 clicks. Our team is made from selected qualified professionals, from Microsoft qualified professionals to qualified financial managers. Our team mainly works virtually, this enables to provide high quality work at a very low cost.




We are looking to have lots of openings for the future for web designers, if you would be interested in working virtually from the comfort of your own home and earning money please let us know.

Microsoft Qualification



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