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How are bees able to build honeycombs out perfect hexagon shapes?

First Of All, What Is Honey

Honey is a think liquid which is produced by certain types of bees, the bees gather nectar from flowers to begin the process. Many insects consume the nectar, but honeybees store and concentrate nectar from flowers. Honeybees make lots of honey so when winter hits they still have plenty of food stored, unlike most insects they remain active through winter using they honey they have produced to keep alive.

The Honeycomb
Bees wax is the building material for the honeycomb, to get things in perspective a honeybee needs around 16g of honey to make just 1g of beeswax. The honeycomb is very important because each cell will be used to raise the young and also used as storage for honey and pollen.

The wax walls of the honeycomb cells are structured together at 120 degree angles, forming a regular array of hexagons.

What is truly remarkable is the bees build each comb a precise distance apart so that they serve the correct purpose whether it be for young bees or food storage.

They are truly remarkable engineers.


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