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StarFish Population Explosion


Starfish Introduction Starfish

Starfish, sea urchins, and relatives including feather stars, brittle stars, basket stars, sea daisies, sea lilies, and sea cucumbersmake up the phylum Echinodermata. A unique feature of the echinoderms is the water vascular system, which consists of a series of water filled canals from which protrude thousands of tiny tube feets. The tube feet may be used for movement, feeding, or respiration. Other features include pentaradiate symmetry (that the body can be divided into five parts radiating from the centre) no head, a diffuse, decentralized nervous system that lacks a brian, and no excretory organs. Typically, echinoderms also have an endoskeleton (internal skeleton) consisting of hard calcite ossicles embedded in the body wall and often bearing protruding spines or tubercles. The ossicles may fit together to form a test (as in sea urchins) or remain separate (as in sea cucumbers).


Starfish Population ExplosionStarfish

The starfish population explosion has caused problems. Coral reefs are being destroyed by the starfish.

Around 10,000 - 20,000 crown of thorns starfish have devastated much of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, covering a massive 250 miles. But not just Australia but Guam and Fiji are having problems.

So what is causing the Starfish population Explosion?

A theory the I believe is that in Australia the giant triton shell is decreasing in numbers and this is one of few creatures that prey on the crown of thorns starfish.

So we have to look at the issue, why are giant triton decreasing in numbers. Now this may fall down to tourists and many collectors of the shell of the triton. Experts have found that the worst damage was usually found on the inside of the barrier reef, the inside is far more accessible to humans.

Controling the population Explosion

One way is to collect the starfish on a large scale and import triton shells.

But we have to learn a lot of knowledge before acting.

It is important that we learn to live with our environment.

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