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Traveling Around Venice

One of the most romantic and fascinating ways to travel around Venice as to be in a Gondola. Gently gliding along the water with no sound from an engine makes it seem so relaxing. A true way to discover the real Venice.



The History of the Gondola is fascinating, it is hard to pin-point when the Gondola started to appear but it is believed to be around the 11th century. It wasn't until the 15th century that it started appearing in pictures. It is also hard to pin-point the origin of the Gondola's name, people say that the word Gondola derived from the Latin word cymbula, meaning small boat, or maybe it is from the word conchula, a diminutive of concha which means shell.

During the 16th century Venice saw 10 thousand Gondolas operating the canals, it was originally a means for the rich to be transported around the canals due to it's great manoeuvrability. But Today the Gondola is mainly only used as a form of transport by the tourists.



Length:   32 ft 10 meter  
Passengers:   2-6    
Propelled By:   Single Sweep Oar    
Asymmetrical shape, 9inches wider on the port side (23cm).  
Wood Types:   fir, oak, cherry, walnut, elm, mahogany, larch and lime.

These boats are strictly regulated and size, colour and the overall appearance is taken into account. It is not as straightforward as you may think to build a Gondola for example 8 different kinds of wood is used and uses 280 pieces. Notice the curved shape of the boat, this is archived by wetting timber and heating, this process is continued over and over. It important during this process not to damage the fibers.

Notice the Gondola only uses one oar, even more strange is that this oar is fixed to the right of the boat, yet it travels in a straight line. This as nothing to do with the distribution of the tourists, but one side is lower the the other. In fact the right side is narrower the the left by 24 cm. So this design feature helps keep the boat on a straight course without constantly making adjustments.

  • It is best to agree a price in advanced before relaxing, the fair for daytime trips is around 73 Euro expect the price to increase slightly in the evening.
  • If the tide is to low seaweeds and micro organisms can surface and an unpleasant smell can be noticed.


Experience Venice on the famous Gondola.

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