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For all other enquires please call (07519887540) calls taken till 8.30pm daily 


How we do it
Stamping concrete is the process of pouring and placing high strength, reinforced concrete and then treating the surface with highly specialized tools which create the antique finishes. There are significant advantages to this process over traditional materials. Concrete is more durable because of its strength and weather resistance. Concrete is also more versatile because it can be poured and placed into virtually any shape, size or location. Finally, concrete holds finishes better than most ordinary materials. Creative Concrete projects always look their best, season to season, year to year.
Creative concretes paving process is based on four stages, the details of these four steps to the concrete paving process are explained over the following pages to give you an insight into the professionalism of Creative Concrete and the quality of our pattern imprinted concrete paving's


We will have are first chat over the phone hopefully answering any uncertain questions that you have about the product or us  

Now at this stage it is still early and upon your request we will make arrangements that suits you for us to come out and survey the site ,measure the area and give you a verbal quotation         

If the quotation is fair and you want us to commence with the work agreed you will then have the option to take advantage of our imaging software, You will get a print out and a written quotation explaining exactly what is going to be done along with the payment method 

Brief specifications of what to expect:

  • Excavate to a minimum reduced depth of 350mm below dpc
  • Find levels and screed area with 4"of mot type 1 hardcore and compact
  • Erect all necessary formwork and shuttering
  • Lay down polythene barrier  
  • Lay 4" of p330 concrete with air entrained and fibres finishing a minimum of 150mm below dpc
  • Apply colour hardener and release agent and then stamp
  • The clean up (any squeezes from the mats when printing)
  • Cut control joints as required.
  • Apply 2 coats of acrylic sealant


  • You will now make your final payment when you are 100% happy with the completed job not only that but that your happy that the site is as tidy as it was before we started
  • You will receive you receipt upon payment
  • You will get a genuine guarantee for 5 year guarantee, if you get us back for a wash and reseal you will get a further 1 year guarantee each time you have us back, you can’t beat that!



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