Standing Order Form (Please Click PRINT and complete with ball point pen)


Please complete the form below and return it to the address at the bottom of the page.

Once we have received the completed form we will keep a photocopy and send the original standing
order form to your bank so that they can process payments.


1. Name (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms)  

Post Code

Business Name  

I would like to pay Lloyds TSB Rochdale (30-97-11) Branch, 17 Yorkshire   

Street, Rochdale . Lancashire , OL16 1BN for the credit of

B VISIBLE CO UK (Account NO, 01076350)

The sum of: £3.96 each month until I give you further notice in writing.

2. Starting on  

(When completing this section please  
the date one month from today, 

this will enable you to get maximum value)


3. Please insert your bank details                
Account Number                
Bank Sort Code    

To Manager (Bank name and address)  
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Please send this form to - PO BOX 519 ROCHDALE    OL16 9BW


The Administrator will send the Standing Order to your Bank.


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