Claim Your £10 (Terms and Conditions)
The £10 voucher you have received can only be used to claim your £10 cheque from and cannot be used to purchase any items from stores etc.
The £10 promotional offer is open to all of our web site users that hold a voucher with a valid unique voucher number.
Your £10 will be sent through the post in cheque format, please note we do not send cash through the post. If you do not receive your cheque within 14 weeks of step 2 below then we will not be sending another in replacement. We are not liable for any charges that may occur when cashing in your £10 cheque.
Step 1
Step one is to complete the online activation form with a valid voucher number, this enables our staff to send your £10 cheque. We may use your address details from time to time to send promotional material.

Step 2 the whole promotional offer for obtaining your free £10 is dependant on completing step 1 successfully and then proceeding to step 2. Step 2 requires you to find one business that would be interested in advertising using our 99p per week web page offer. The business will have to successfully complete the online form located here click here to view the online form, and enter your voucher number in the voucher number section on the form. 12 weeks from the date the business web page goes live you will be sent a cheque for £10 to the address, name and cheque details you entered in step1. The business will have to advertise with us for longer than 12 weeks.

If you do not complete step 1 and step 2 and comply to all of these terms and conditions for the £10 promotional offer your voucher will be canceled and you will no longer be able to receive your £10 cheque.
This offer is genuine and if you follow all the steps you will be £10 richer. Keep your eye out for more vouchers in the future and make it £20 or more.