Springhill High is a North West High School that needs your help.

In March 2006, Ofsted inspectors announced that Springhill High, Rochdale was "a good school with outstanding features". This assessment was confirmed when the GCSE results were announced - Springhill's best ever.

Recently a proposal to combine another local school and Springhill as been made, the proposal if implemented would mean a single school with a capacity for 1,200 students but currently both schools hold 1.700. So where will the other children go?

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Best Comments (from the people who care)
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" We want quality education for our youngsters, not quantity ".
G P Bowen, Bowen Therapist
" More parents ferrying their children about on an already over crowded road system. More costs for the family in time, money and stress. Where is the logic in that? Keep things local! "

Yiannsi Ntizoglou (Alpha Web Design)

Good job
" Saving SpringHill School is important as there are not many schools providing good education now days.
I will add Save SpringHill in my website: . More people will know what is going to happen ".

" Again very good job "


Lynn Beaty, Beaty's School of Motoring

" Why is it that as soon as a school is improving and doing well that the powers that be want to mess. Why fix something when its not broken ".


" We need schools never mind closing them ".

" Springhill is a good school because of it's size. Increasing student numbers will be detrimental to the school and pupils ".

" A total political white elephant. Why do people want to close success??? "

" Springhill is a great place to learn and work. We have spent years building up skills and resources to support our students\' learning and personal development. OfSTED recognised our achievement and strengths.Why demolish the life of a school that is working so well? "

" I believe that school populations should be kept to a maximum of 900 pupils to enable the pupils to be more valued as individuals. Pupils will lose their identity and individuality in larger populations.
Springhill High School can cater thoroughly for 900 pupils in all matters educational and personal, this is a treasured element of the school\'s ethos which is vital for all of the pupils (and their families) who attend the school."

" I am employed by the arts council and only have a job as long as the school has the arts college status. when the schools merge, that status will be lost. therefore my contract will be terminated "

" To lose a school that has worked hard to promote community events is a tragedy. Springhill is already well on the way to providing most of the outlined guidelines produced by the Government in BSF "

" I was a pupil at the School and I think it is madness to close the superb school "

" I went to Spinghill as a pupil 9 years ago.  I have many happy memories of my time at Springhill."

" I have also worked at Springhill as a TA, I feel the school has done so much for me and would be really sad to see it go."


" I think the proposed merger of Springhill and Balderstone schools are outrageous.  Springhill's school results will reduce dramatically if the merger happens.  It has been proven that it takes 3 years for a school to increase their results after merger.  Springhill and its staff have worked exceptionally hard over a long period of time to become the school it is today.   A larger merged school would be of no benefit to springhill and the large community that surrounds the school ."


" 10% of Springhill's pupils have arrived recently from abroad and are in the early stages of learning English.  We know the needs of these pupils, indeed the needs of all pupils, are best met in a smaller school.  For this reason Springhill's English as an Additional Language Department are very much opposed to any plans to create one larger school ".

 " Absolutely ridiculous- it will rip the heart out of the community and undo all the good work and improvements made at Springhill ".


 " I work with a small challenging form and they work well within small classes. A small school status enables us to highlight the "ghost children" and support them. A so called super school will not enable us to do this in classes of 30 and will change the whole dynamics. SAVE OUR SCHOOL! "


" Having worked at both Balderstone and Springhill, both schools have their own merits.  Springhill greatly benefits though from its\' smaller more familiar atmosphere which suits our more challenging students.  It would be a crime to loose this ".


" Springhill is a good school with outstanding features, why make into just a good school.  Smaller schools are better able to deal with pupils on an individual basis with staff knowing pupils and their needs ".


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