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Examples of Our Web Pages
  Bazaar Furniture Wine Press

Donna marie photography

  Beatys school of driving Redhotbeauty
  Italian room Irene calverley designs
  Tax assist accountants Bomac cards & balloons
  Dr and health Albanyhotel
  Alpha web design Springhill high
  Celebrations GPbowen
Clients who have web pages with us feature highly in search engines. For example the image to the right shows a furniture store in Rochdale notice top ranked.
Search Engines (We are popular) is growing fast, web users from all over the UK are searching with us.

Many users now search for a business name or product and type in b-visible. They do this because they know the results will be accurate and unique.

We are both local and UK advertising
We don't just advertise local businesses we advertise businesses all over the UK. This means your business will reach far more than just your local town. What good is an advertisement locally when your business can receive clients from all over, If you advertise using only local directories you could be limiting yourself.
Our Hits   Our Clients   99p Per Week  
Using our received Hits last year (2006) we have estimated a massive 2000000 (2million) hits a month this year, again this is because we are an advertising company who advertises both local businesses and UK businesses.
Our Clients are very pleased with the results we give them. We advertise lots of businesses, from small local businesses to huge multi billion pound businesses, see our top companies click here... They advertise with us because they know that we get them business.
Who want's to pay a lot for advertising, nobody does. That's why we don't charge outrageous prices. We charge £3.96 a month that's 99p per week. Don't pay more you will lose money.

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